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We are pleased to welcome you for an informative stretch at the Aden Refinery Company. Just as you enter and navigate the pages of this site, you will realize that you have set foot on a strategically important location, a hub that links world continents and situated in the middle of large gatherings of population and huge industrial and economic enterprises … that is the unique location of Aden.

The Aden Refinery is a shining light for area development that has dawned in the early fifties of the twentieth century, now fully lighting the present and stretching to cast some on the future.
Presently, it represents the largest industrial establishment in the Republic of Yemen with respect to annual income and the vital parts it plays in the supply of all the country’s needs of petroleum products, household cooking gas, and road asphalt.

Aden Refinery continues to play its traditional role as producer and supplier of bunker fuels to ships calling the Port of Aden en-route to various destinations in the world.

This is being achieved by maintaining our ties with the international petroleum products markets in all facets of activities of oil refining and products marketing.
We hope to have been successful in providing and presenting interested visitors to the site with enjoyable and valuable information about the Aden Refinery’s past, present, and future aspirations.

DR.Saeed Sulaiman ALShammasi
Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals,
Acting Executive Director of the Refinery


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