Refinery Hospital

Published 04/Mar/2020 PrintPrint

The Aden Refinery Hospital is one of the main referral centers of health care in Yemen, started along with Aden refinery as early as 1954 by the British Petroleum Company, it slowly transformed into modern hospital of today.

The hospital gets its glamour by it being located beside the beautiful city of little Aden

Besides catering to the health needs of the refinery employees and departments, it also extend its services to the needy non-working residents in the vicinity of Aden.

The hospital is about 120 bedded and has all specialties. There are two peripheral clinics, one inside the refinery premises and another at the Aden Bunkering Department. Facilities are available for refinery complicated cases to be referred to specialized centers abroad.

Thus the hospital helps to keep the work on their feet rather than on their backs.