Safety & Fire

Published 03/Mar/2020 PrintPrint

Safety and fire department offer protection of the works from the risk of accidents, fire to the refinery premises. They also offer protection of installation and property damage.

They play a vital role in facilitating efficient refinery operations. The firefighting brigade is equipped with modern equipment and 80 well trained crew ready to offer their services to the refinery or nearby areas. Considering its commitment to a clean environment, ARC has recently constituted an environment protection cell, which coordinates various activities in monitoring and protecting the environment. Feedbacks are given to the management and taken when and where necessary.

We have two station one in refinery and other in oil harbor, which consist of 4 fire fighting vehicles (F.S 50, 51, 52 & 53), water boozer (F.S 56) and ambulance (64)  and portable fire pumps (F.S 54 & F.S 55) fixed fire pumps at power station no. 1 & 2 steam pumps and no. 1 & 2 diesel generator.

In addition to fire fighting network, fire line A & B around the refinery with same one in oil harbor.