Refinery Activities

Published 03/Mar/2020 PrintPrint

Since the establishment of the company, successful co-operation with others was achieved.

At present the main activities can be summarized as follows:

- Processing of crude oil to satisfy the local market requirement of petroleum products.

- Storage of crude oil and petroleum products for others.

- Transport of petroleum products from the refinery to local ports utilizing the refinery owned or hired vessels.

- Trading with petroleum products..

- perating of power station to satisfy refinery requirement of power and other utilities.

- Selling bunker fuel to customers directly or indirectly.

- Planning and implementation of revamps or upgrade to the refinery to enable it to be competitive.

- Training and developing of staff and workers.

- Offering health care for staff, workers and their families in the refinery hospital.

- Managing refinery social clubs for the welfare of staff and workers.

- Own, manage and operate oil tankers , hire and charter oil tankers when necessary.