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The groundwork of Aden Refinery Company (initially know as British Petroleum Company) was started on November 1, 1952, and completed in a record time of 21 months.

It was originally designed to refine about 5 million tons of crude oil every year. The refinery was inaugurated by her majesty Queen Elezabeth –II on July, 1954. Subsequently, the Aden Refinery was linked to Aden Bunkering facilities in Aden harbor through 19 miles long pipelines to supply bunkering fuels to the ships visiting Aden harbour.

The refinery was later upgraded to 8 million tons capacity, in the sixties.

In May 1977 B.P. handed over the refinery to the government of Yemen. Since that date the refinery operates under the name of Aden Refinery Company (ARC). In accordance of law number 15 for 1977.