Refinery Vission

The great legacy of the refining industry norms and practices, spanning over a period of more than six decades, has instilled in Aden Refinery Company a great will, firm decision and aspiration for excellence

Refinery Mission

To enhance the Aden Refinery Company’s position as one of the internationally accepted and recognized refineries, both as the sole leading refinery and the largest industrial concern in the Republic of Yemen

Refinery Upgrade Project

Upgrading and modernization of the refinery and thus transforming Aden Refinery into a full conversion that will produce clean transportation fuels of high quality and friendly-to-the environment as well as petrochemical components. see more..

Spanning Over A Period Of More Than Six Decades

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We are pleased to welcome you for an informative stretch at the Aden Refinery Company.

About Aden Refinery

Aden Refinery company with its office located in little Aden At Al Buriqah district, Aden governorate, The republic of Yemen was basically owned by the British oil company (BP).

Oil Products Specification

Product specification documents is avaliable below, you can click on the product to download the specification document or you can download the pre-requisites for establishing petroleum business relationship.


Aden Refinery Products are by straight distillation

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